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1) Before you login you must have set your browser to cookies enabled.
2) When you decide to join you will have to choose and enter a unique username (this will be the name that the other users will see you as).
3) Next you have to enter your eMail-address.
4) You will now receive a Mail to the above stated address with your new password. This usually only takes a couple of minutes.
5) Now you are ready to login. Enter your username and password. Thats it! Not quite.
6) You are now asked to fill in your profile pages. All items marked with a red asterisk need to be complete before
you proceed to the next page. If you forgot to fill in any marked entry fields you will get a remindeder when you have completed the last profile page. If so, follow the first link shown. If there is more than one link shown continue through all following pages until all entries are done, otherwise you will will not be able to use any features provided by our dating-site. Incomplete profiles will be deleted from our database.
7) The last thing left to do is to upload your pictures. Click the green button of the top menu bar to go to “My Page”. Follow the link inside the upper box named “My Pictures”. Press the [Browse] button to select your photo on your computer. Press [Submit] to upload your photo. Continue the above steps to upload up to five pictures.
The file size of the picture may not exceed 100 kbytes.
Before any picture will be visible, one picture needs to be marked as “Main” by clicking on the so named link. This picture will also be seen alternately on the main page of this website and in your profile.
You are now ready to go. Good Luck

Martin Makella (webmaster)